New Kev graffiti website

In 1999 Kev made the step from solely painting graffiti and publishing fanzines of horror/psychedelic inspired comic strips and began making simple, irreverent, bold, black ink drawings using pen and ink which were entirely inspired by tattoos, comic books, graffiti, girls, 1950ā€™s rock ā€˜nā€™ roll and sad, bottom of the bottle country songs.

Since then his drawings have been exhibited across the U.K. and Europe as well as in Australia and America. To his delight his work is also regularly used as tattoo designs and he even occaisonally paints big skulls on walls, just for fun.

Kev currently lives in Leeds, U.K. where he successfully keeps his head above water, draws, works on commissions and is the resident artist and DJ for the burlesque and cabaret show The Wet Spot.

Click here for the new site.

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