Contemporary Cape Town diva, Faith47 was introduced to graffiti by Wealz130 and the YMB crew and the artist invented a unique style of lettering and characters—strong soulful African women with spunk, flair and purpose. Her signature style updates ‘20s art nouveau poster art; an amalgamation of colors, detailed patterns, eloquent female figures, and curvy, sexy lines that never end. Conscious of social and political issues affecting the African continent as well as women’s rights, Faith47 is involved in various workshops and upliftment programs.

Faith47 traverses photography, canvases, graphic design, digital illustration, and street art. If not illustrating, painting and traveling for exhibitions, she is co-directing Mattblack, a creative studio that covers a range of media forms and intends to promote local flavor, adding edge to South African design and illustration.

We traveled to Cape Town to meet up with Faith47 who introduced us to the South African graffiti scene. It was an incredible eye-opener on how race and economics still dominate the entire culture, as well as the work of street artists. In addition, Falko and Mak1, two of South Africa’s most prolific writers, took us on an incredible tour of the Mitchell’s Plain and Khayalitsha Townships.

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