Obama Car Art Contest

These great guys in San Francisco who incorporate art into car art are holding a contest for an Obama themed car art design – I’m one of the judges. Winner gets some cash and some other prizes including a Bomb It DVD and Poster!. Profits from selling winning design go to the Obama campaign so that they can fight the forces of evil!

Click here for more information and to submit.

Even if you don’t submit – Infectious is a cool company that’s worth checking out. Click here to see their catalogue of Car Art

Click here to check out some of the submissions

More info:
Tim Roberts
Infectious announces the Obama Car Art Contest

Re-invent the campaign bumper sticker

Guest judges include CRO from GoTellMama and Jon Reiss, Director of Bomb It
100% of profit from Obama Car Art products will be used for printing and giving away additional free Obama Car Art
Submissions accepted until 11:59pm PDT, August 7th, 2008
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Jon Reiss on artists channeling support for Obama:
“I think its great that so many people are creating art spontaneously for Obama. It’s very inspiring. It shows what a groundswell of enthusiasm there is for him as President.”

CRO’s advice to submitting artists:
“I’d like to see work taken past the point of a pretty picture. If you can create stimulating visual content and also communicate to viewers (without being too complicated) on a mental level, you get extra points. Be you.”

Tim Roberts
“The groundswell of artists supporting Obama through their art has been humbling. We felt there was a unique opportunity to combine a grassroots artistic/social movement with a new medium of personal and political expression: Obama Car Art. We’re excited to get as many artists and Obama supporters involved in the project as possible.”
3 Links That Matter

Barack Obama: We

NYT: The Art of Politics

Infectious is a SF-based community of art-worshippers who create art products for cars. We are calling out to artistic Obama supporters everywhere to help us blow up the political bumper sticker into something big and beautiful. Infectious is looking to take all that Obama creativity to the streets – literally. The average car is seen 3000 times a day… Imagine a car with beautiful Obama art all over it – each car could touch the lives of up to 400,000 people in the run up to the election.

Infectious Car Art is made from adhesive vinyl, can be applied by anyone, lasts for years and can be safely removed. Dalek, Coop, Junko Mizuno, Buff Monster, Cycle and Jon Burgerman are just some of our founding artists who’ve been captivated by the idea of using the car as a blank canvas for art.

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