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Obsession, Genius, or Both: Thoughts on Exit Through the Gift Shop

This post was published in the Huffington Post on April 15, 2010. If you are interested in the creative process and/or freedom of expression and/or the role of media manipulation in consumer culture (as I would suppose 99.9% of you … Continue reading

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MTA Graffiti Writers Arrested For Offending the View of Downtown Businessmen

Seven members of the MTA crew were arrested 2 days ago in Los Angeles.  I’ve posted the LA Times article below.   What is interesting is that there is a fair amount of focus on the blight caused by the three … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Graffiti Perfume: $220

This is a new low – or a new high – but probably the former. I hope a NY writer got paid well to do the design – otherwise it is a shame that yet again graff is ripped – … Continue reading

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Halifax Students fight Vandalism with Graffiti

I’ve been corresponding with a writer in Halifax who by a coincidence shares my last name: 15 year old Adam Reiss. He’s been trying to help organize a screening of Bomb It in Halifax. In the mean time he’s been … Continue reading

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Reykjavik International Film Fest Review

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Reykyavik International Film Festival which now ranks among one of my favorite film festivals on the circuit. Hronn Marinosdottir (Festival Director) and Marlenne Kelnreiter (Guest Coordinator) bend over backwards to make … Continue reading

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