FRE3 Artists FRE3 Cities

FlyingFortress (Hamburg), The London Police (Amsterdam) and Pez (Barcelona) are having a group show

which is touring the world. After the three artists meet on the K-Spray3 tour, organized by K-Swiss, which visited Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo these artists decided to come together again to share their passion for street art. To see their work from the 2007 K-Spray tour check out this link.

Come see their latest works at the new opening of FRE3 ARTISTS FRE3 CITI3S, on Saturday July 12th at 18h at Galeria Esther Montoriol Diputacion 339 Junto al Metro Tetuan L2 Barcelona.

The show will continue on to the United States later this year. On the 12th of September FRE3 Artists FRE3 Cities opens in NY at the Ad Hoc Gallery (Brooklyn) and on the 1st of November in Los Angeles at the Scion Gallery.

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