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Some call graffiti art, some a lifestyle and savior, others say it’s revolting vandalism, and the brilliant documentary Bomb It! smoothly offers all opinions, passionate whether it be love or hate.

Bomb It! takes us all across the globe to reveal the similarities of every society, wealthy or impoverished, riotous or safe. NY and LA are gimmes, but there’s angst on the walls of Tokyo, too, admittedly a recent phenomenon in their realm of rules and respect. In tragic Capetown, ripped by Apartheid, a youthful bunch with corrugated tin sheds as their canvas try to give a deprived community something beautiful, and the townsfolk ecstatically agree. A São Paulo official agrees that the rapid skyline protrusion is obtrusive. Barcelona, a land rife with gorgeous abstract architecture is also home to some of the most gorgeous and abstract burners (murals) ever painted, accompanied by a mature casual aura one would expect from the native artists, still commanding that vigilante spirit and belief in art for the masses.

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