Favela Painting

Check out what some people are doing to bring art and beauty to Vila Cruzeiro, a favela in Rio, Brazil:

Favela Painting is a project by the Firmeza Foundation

The Firmeza Foundation creates striking artworks in places where people are being socially excluded. The foundation collaborates with local people to use art to combat prejudice, create sustainable solutions, and attract the world’s attention.

The artworks contribute to the sense of pride and awareness in the communities where they’re produced. By making each step of the creative process open and community-driven, the foundation contributes to the education of local youth and motivates residents to improve the living environment in their neighborhoods.

Here’s an update on the latest project by Favela Painting, yet to be completed so be sure to check out their site for an update and more beautiful images:

Favela Painting: Rio Cruzeiro’, a 2000m2 painting of a river in traditional Japanese style running through Vila Cruzeiro, one of the most notorious slums in Rio de Janeiro. The design was made in collaboration with the Amsterdam based tattoo artist Rob Admiraal. When we are not hiding from gunbattles between the local drug gang and the police, we are working on the insanely huge painting together with a group of local youths. Depending on the weather and the political situation we hope to finish the painting within the next couple of months.

And a pic of some local graffiti. Besides carrying a gun & some grenades, he’s even wearing Nike shoes….

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