Bomb It projections by TheLabelLab!

Saturday May 17th from 6-9pm
“Bomb It” projections to be featured at THELABELLAB event at CreWest Gallery in Los Angeles!

Street fashion art will come together May 17th at Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles with the 2nd showing of THELABELLAB EXHIBITION featuring live fashion art creations and installations by LABELLAB members’ Drifter, David and David, Pretti Vacant Accessories, with a special screening of “Bomb It”—The Graffiti Documentary by Jon Reiss.
The Exhibition marks an exciting opportunity for emerging street fashion brands to depict their independent style through artistic interpretations in a unique gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

By teaming up with Crewest Gallery, one of the only galleries in Los Angeles dedicated to street and graffiti artists, THELABELLAB Exhibition comes with the necessary backdrop to showcase street fashion in completely refreshing dimensions.

Fashion artist and designer:

Yoshi from Drifter will be showcasing live creations of his brand stretched across a large table format for on-site crafting, plus a hanging mobile of T-shirt art displays.

David and David, masters of the screenprinted process will creation T-shirts, backdrops, and art featuring their LA-inspired designs on assorted textiles.

Pretti Vacant’s Michelle Ponce will showcase her plexiglass cut jewelry in a unique art installation with video of just how she designs, cuts, and creates her range of punk rock-inspired collections ranging from owls, guns, boomboxes, pirate ships, and crowns.

“Bomb It” creators will project features from their documentary that has been generating a strong following across the nation as it makes it’s way to premiere in Los Angeles, June 6th at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theater in Los Angeles.

THE LABEL LAB Exhibition will be backdropped with an incredible urban photo journalism exhibition curated by Vyal One featuring top images from graffiti and street artists taken from obscure underground locations based on what takes place within the landscapes of their urban canvases.

CreWest Gallery
110 Winston St.
(at Main St. between 4th and 5th)
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 627-8272 phone

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