Response to a user query – why not more street art?


Thank you for your email.

We actually interviewed 200 people and a lot of great people didn’t make it in – including Space Invader and Swoon.

It was very difficult making the choices that we made. But we will be releasing additional material via webisodes and additional dvds over the next months and years. That way all the people we interviewed (and more to come) will be seen.

We specifically already have Space Invader and Swoon webisodes and are working on placing those.

Banksy is another issue – as you know he doesn’t give any – or many interviews. We almost got the opportunity when he was in LA – but then he split town unexpectedly. We are proud to have Blek – who was one of the first modern stencilists in the world represented.

It was important for us that all aspects of street art and graffiti be treated as a continuum and not in separate boxes – which I feel from reports that we achieved.

I hope you have a chance to see the film and let us know what you think.


Subject: FW: CONTACT (question from the peanut gallery)
Date: April 11, 2008 10:35:35 AM PDT

Anyone care to field this or just file it in the complaint drawer?

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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:27:00 -0400
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Subject: CONTACT

Senders Name: Mike
Interesting how you didn’t include space inveader or Faile. Bansky isn’t
even on the list. I would be curious to know why you chose the people you
chose. I certainly know why you have picked artists like Cope and Shep. But
man, I feel like you have left out some of the best street artists.

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