PART ONE: The Walls Belong to Us

New York’s foremost aerosol style master presents his latest works on paper and canvas at the newly opened Tuff City gallery.

Since the mid 70’s PART has showcased his detailed letter forms and pioneering style on the subway trains and walls of New York City. In the 90’s the El Barrio born resident began producing large works in and around his neighborhood while reviving the famed Hall of Fame. Today PART is as active as ever, painting globally and producing art works that conjure up a New York of yesteryear, one filled with Wild Style Burners and Puerto Rican outlaws. This is PART’s first solo show in New York City.

Opening Reception:
December 13th 7–10pm

Showing through February 17th

Sound provided by:

Tuff City Gallery
650 Fordham Road
Bronx New York

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