The Graff Lab

For all you LA writers out there be sure to check out The Graff Lab in downtown LA. Bomb It 2 co-producer Rory Owen Delaney has been directing a documentary about the Graff Lab and the Pico Union neighborhood since 2010.

Located at Venice and Union, the Graff Lab is a safe space in the Pico Union neighborhood for the creative arts. People come to do street art, stand up comedy, jerk dance, skateboard, DJ, barbeque and hang out. It is an uniquely LA phenomenon.

The goal of the film is to show that the changing street art in Pico Union and downtown LA is a reflection of many of the social and political issues affecting the city at large, including immigration and gang violence. In short, it documents the characters and culture behind LA street art while giving people a window into one LA’s most unique neighborhoods.

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