David Garcia

Music Supervisor
David Garcia was born in Caracas, Venezuela; He grew up in Los Angeles then transplanted to Northern California to attend UC Berkeley. In the San Francisco Bay Area is where he started his music career DJing in some of SF’s biggest night clubs and working for the top radio stations as a host and producer of 2 very influential underground specialty shows.

In 2003, he headed back home to Los Angeles, where he found a job as a Protools editor. Here he was able to sharpen his studio chops as a music editor and was exposed to the world of music licensing for commercials and movies. As his interest in this area grew, he decided to attend a UCLA Extension Class on Music Supervision for Film.

Presently, he continues to tour the USA as a DJ, spinning in some of the biggest clubs around. He has also done club remixes for Nelly Furtado, Ashlee Simpson, Carina Round and many others. While in the studio he is also busy shaping the soundtrack to some of today’s top fashion shows… Bebe & Macy’s are loyal clients.

His focus has mainly been on Electronic music but through his travels he has gained a unique perspective and a love for all types of music. A ‘mash-up’ of cultures and musical influences have shaped his style. His musical taste is diverse, ranging from Rock to Salsa and everything in between. He is passionate, not just about music, but about life (some say that’s the Scorpio in him). Most of his friends think he’s a workaholic but he loves what he does, so it’s a trade-off.

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