Alex Marquez

Alex Marquez’ first job in post-production was as the Apprentice Editor on Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday. He started as a runner but by the end of post-production he was cutting scenes and stayed on to help Mr. Stone with the director’s cut. This led to his next job as the editor of Stone’s feature-length documentary COMANDANTE which premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and was sold to HBO. Following this he worked on Stone’s HBO documentary LOOKING FOR FIDEL. Once done with Cuba and Fidel Castro, he moved on to Stone’s next feature, ALEXANDER, editing the theatrical release in 2004, the director’s cut in 2005, and a new extended cut in 2006. Between the different versions of ALEXANDER he worked on the documentary JACK SMITH AND THE DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006 where it won an honorable mention for Best NY Documentary Feature. Most recently Alex moved to Mexico City for six months to work on El Búfalo de la Noche (THE NIGHT BUFFALO) which was written and produced by Guillermo Arriaga (writer of AMORES PERROS, 21 GRAMS, and BABEL).

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