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Soon we will have a way for all readers to post comments to our blog. But until that time – if anyone has something vital to put forth, we will endeavor to post it for you. The easiest way to be posted of course is to comment on an existing post. But if you feel what you have to say doesn’t relate to another post – feel free to email us through the Contact Page of the main Bomb It Site. This is an email I received from Nathan Clark about a wall in Erie, PA:


Good afternoon Mr. Reiss-


The review on Tuesday of your new international graffiti documentary film,”Bomb It”, in JUXTAPOZ ART & CULTURE Magazine Online asks, “…how about some legal walls?”



Well, spanning more than the length of two football fields, this is one…



Here is a link to photos of a large work-in-process by multiple young urban artists in Northwestern Pennsylvania. They have been engaging their collective talents during the warm months in creating this striking wall art project, spraying a spectrum of colors onto more than 650 linear feet of this massive concrete retaining wall in Erie. Twenty photographs of the wall can be found at this link (progress photos posted on different dates, so please scroll down to see those toward the end, too):


This sanctioned graffiti project has created an eye-catching mural and positive outcome for a very conspicuous but utterly utilitarian concrete edifice that has graced this midtown Erie neighborhood for eighty years. Until now, that wall probably hadn’t commanded even a second glance from anyone, across all of those decades. Today, however, it serves as an example of community/business ‘neighborliness and cooperation’ in improving the appearance — as well as the substance — of the area surrounding Historic Erie Union Station.








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