Continuation of Street Wall Art, Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, June 6: With the intention of freeing the walls of the capital city from political slogans and random posters, some young artists had gathered outside the walls of Hotel Himalaya in Kupondole on May 28.

The artists worked continuously for fourteen hours to transform the walls clad with such slogans and replaced them with vigorous hopeful messages.  he mural exhibition with the theme of “We Make the Nation” was, however, not completed on that day due to time and financial constraints.

But the sheer determination of the artistes was not broken as they gathered up again on June 4 to complete the remaining portions of the walls and give them a final touch. With the financial funding from Laxmi Cares for the paint, the mural painting is now completed.

Jointly organized by Artudio and Image School, a Facebook-based art and photography promoting platform, the exhibition was organized to present constructive ideas of the painters in order to promote peace and responsibility.

“We started with the street paint but we were running out of time and paint which is why the painting wasn’t completed on the very day. We were in a dilemma as how to complete our work,” says Kailash K Shrestha, a visual artist and the initiator of the event.

He added that a discussion was initiated on the Facebook page regarding the street art event and a member of Laxmi Cares had commented on the page saying that the Hotel Himalaya had also provided expenses for the event.

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