Vigilante Vigilante: The Battle for Expression

A new breed of crime-fighter now stalks the urban landscape: the anti-graffiti vigilante. These dedicated blight warriors stop at nothing to rid their neighborhoods and cities of street art, stickers, tags, and posters. Many of these vigilantes have become the very menace they want to eliminate. In their relentless attempt to stamp out graffiti, they’ve turned to illegally and destructively painting other people’s property. VIGILANTE VIGILANTE is the story of two filmmakers who set out to expose these mysterious characters and discover a battle of expression that stretches from the streets to academia.

Director MAX GOOD is a Bay Area filmmaker who has also lived in LA, Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Recently, Max worked as assistant producer and distribution manager on the Academy Award®-nominated documentary feature, “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” (2009). Previously, he co-produced “B.I.K.E.” (2006), a documentary feature on the underground culture of mutant bicycle gangs.

Producer NATHAN WOLLMAN is a proud alumni of the San Francisco State University’s Design and Industry dept. He has worked on numerous projects in and around the Bay Area from short films to musical compositions but he is now focused primarily on documentary film production.

Editor JULIEN de BENEDICTIS found the joys of filmmaking at an early age, editing skateboard and music videos. After graduating with his B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University in May 2010, he was thrown into editing “Vigilante VIgilante.” While this is his feature-editing debut, his recent shorts, “Hair Cuts” (2010) and “The Waiting” (2010), have played in local film festivals (San Francisco State Film Finals and The Three Minute Picture Show, respectively).

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