Da Bomb: Digital Graffiti the Future is Here

Ever heard of “digital graffiti, aka photon bombing aka projection bombing?” Well its the latest creation from the world of underground arts. Artists from around the globe have already begun to create using the latest projection, digital and animation technologies. Today in Ayls Beach, Florida the third of the world’s “first  Digital Graffiti Festivalis underway where 300 entries from Israel, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, United States as well as 12 more countries, are projected onto Ayls Beach’s white houses. During the festival, “artists will digitally coat walls with stills, videos, animations and CGI, using dozens of HD-capable LCD projectors.”[1]

London based artist Kenji Ko creates what is known as DIGITI, which  “combines digital technologies such as computer vision, motion tracking, programming and live video output. Its equipped with a laptop, digital camcorder, projector and some customized electronic spray cans. Each can is installed with different coloured LED in its nozzle. Depending on the different LED’s, users have the ability to pain with a variety of colours on a translucent screen at the same time, as well as, in real time.”[2]

Another take of digital graffiti is what is now known as the WiiSpray. The first prototype was the creation of two Bauhaus University media students, Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse (which was later created by Martin Lihs  inspired by the London based artist, TargetWiiSpray (a combination of a Wii joy stick and a can of paint)is to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level surpassing tactile boundaries of the tangible world.[3]

YouTube Preview Image

Check out more on digital graffiti at www.digitalgraffiti.com. For more information regarding the festival click here.

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