CA city seeks to wipe out graffiti

City’s graffiti clean-up detail averages 100 calls a week.

“I just consider it a national virus,” said William Wheel, looking out the window of his car.

Across the street, were white storage containers owned by Thompson Building Materials, surrounded by barbed wire fencing. But there weren’t just white, not any more: Graffiti had been scrawled over the outside of most of them, ranging from small tags done with markers to huge spray-painted names taller than a man.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Service Specialist Pam Balsitis walked around the containers, taking pictures of the markings with a digital camera and taking notes on a clipboard.

“It costs about $500 a piece [to clean up the graffiti], with the decals,” said Wheel, a property manager for the company. He estimates about half of the 65 storage containers were tagged, and said that the company’s insurance company won’t pay for the clean-up. “We’re a company that keeps their equipment in top style. … Mr. Thompson was quite irate.”

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