More about former graffiti writers

Part 2 of Miami Herald’s Graffiti feature:

Skott Johnson, Seth Schere, Daniel Fila, Claudio Picasso and Jay Bellicchi spent their teenage years tagging and avoiding the police. They got tired of the cat-and-mouse game and now use their graffiti skills to make a living.

Johnson, 36, is now a professional artist, graphic designer and DJ. His work as RAGE upset residents in Kendall during the late 1980s so much that it got them to form a civic group called Residents Against Graffiti Everywhere.

”You go out to paint not with the mindset that you are going to attack people by hurting their property,” Johnson said. “You go out to find visible spots for your art.”

Metro-Dade police in Kendall finally caught up with RAGE on Aug. 22, 1990, as he worked on the roof of a commercial building on U.S. 1. Johnson’s arrest was highly publicized. He was charged with burglary, sentenced to 150 community hours and fined $250.

Johnson never stopped painting. He attended the University of Miami and Miami Ad School, and his work has graced the walls of galleries in Miami and New York.

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