Town hall meeting on graffiti issue

NEWMAN – City leaders are hoping to raise public awareness of gangs and graffiti, and are enlisting the support of the community in a campaign to stamp out graffiti as quickly as it appears.

The city will host a town hall meeting Wednesday, April 15, at 7 p.m. in the West Side Theater to present gang awareness information with an emphasis on gang graffiti to kick off its graffiti abatement program.

“The main focus of the night will be the graffiti,” Police Chief Adam McGill said. And while gang ties to graffiti are a concern, he noted, “not all graffiti is gang graffiti. We need to remember that and talk about that as well.”

Ultimately, McGill said, the city’s goal is to keep Newman as attractive as possible by removing graffiti as quickly as it appears.

Private property owners are responsible for promptly removing any graffiti which appears on walls or fences, which is where the city’s planned abatement program comes into play.

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