NY Daily News Interview & Chicago Reader Pick!

The NY Daily News did an interview with the director of BOMB IT. It also posted one of our fresh webisodes. Check ’em out!

Jon Reiss‘ latest documentary, “Bomb It,” explores the controversial subculture of graffiti through themes of public space, freedom of speech, corporate advertising, and social and political issues. The film visits cities from around the world – Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Cape Town, Sao PĆ£ulo and Tokyo – and delves into how writers have incorporated graffiti into each of their varying cultures as a means of expression, protest, and beautification.

Read the NY DAILY NEWS interview with Jon Reiss here

Here’s the Daily News Review for BOMB IT

We also got the pick of the week in the Chicago Reader!

Genuinely global, multicultural, and multilingual in its urban perspectives, this lively documentary features graffiti artists talking about their work and illustrates their discourse with images shot in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Cape Town, Sao Paolo, Tijuana, and Tokyo. Filmmaker Jon Reiss also occasionally gives voice to people trying to eradicate graffiti. The relentless quick cutting and pop soundtrack are counterbalanced by the artists’ personalities and sociopolitical credos. Unlike Michael Glawogger’s more visionary Megacities (1998), this offers neither city symphonies nor overarching theses, but as the title suggests, the theme of rebellion predominates.

Check it out directly here

Don’t forget to check us out in NYC and Chicago! Here’s our screening info:

4/25-5/1 New York, NY Cinema Village www.cinemavillage.com

4/25-5/1 Chicago, IL Facets Cinematheque www.facets.org

We also got a Metromix review:
One subject points out that while we expose ourselves to commercials by turning on the TV, we don’t necessarily ask to see billboard advertising just by leaving the house. Raise your hand if you’ve never thought about it that way, but are kind of annoyed now that you have!

Read the rest of the review here

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