More NYC reviews

We got a few more reviews from our NYC screenings:

From This Week in New York:

“Reiss examines the never-ending debate over whether graf is vandalism, rebellion, art, “all-out destruction,” “urban intervention,” “visual pollution,” “typographic terrorism,” or the unstoppable expression of youth culture. The writers, some of whom keep their faces hidden, argue that graffiti is all about taking back public space, from buses to billboards and buildings to subway trains, asserting one’s identity and fighting the power; while one bomber states, “I tag, therefore I am,” another states that “art must serve a social cause”…

Read the full review here (search for Bomb It)

From the NYC Movie Guru:

“Regardless of where you stand on the issue of graffiti, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by Bomb It. Number of times I checked my watch: 0”

Read the rest of the review here

You can still catch a screening of Bomb It at the Cinema Village in New York until May 1st.

Visit here for more details

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