Os Brasileiros in LA

Check out some of the finest Brazilian street artists’ work in Los Angeles at the Carmichael Gallery. Os Brasileiros opens January 5th from 8pm- midnight with live music.


Brazilian Art and Music

Jan. 5 – Jan. 17, 2008

Opening reception with a live musical performance by Katia Moraes

Featuring artists from all over Brazil including Akeni, Alexandre Anjo, Alexandre Yassu, Andre Firmiano, Binho Barreto, Binho Ribeiro, Bruno Kurru, Cena7, Ciro Schu, Dalata, Daniel Bileu, Dask Two, DOC, Does, Flavio Morais, Flavio Samelo, FLIP, Graphis, Hyper, Jana Joana, Jey, Kaleb, Marcella França, Mateus Bailon, Milo, Pankill, Pato, Paulo Ito, Petite Poupee7, Prila Paiva, Raquel Schembri, Rodrigo Villas, Sesper, Suzue, Tatiana Guid, Thais Beltrame, Thiago Syen, Tiago Fazito, Tikka, Vitché, Yá!, Zeila Trevisan and more!

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