Free Burma from Military Oppression

This issue is close to my heart:

(Artwork by Kenny Random, posted by Wooster Collective)

Street artists are voicing their concern over the recent violent crackdown against Buddhist monks protesting for a regime change in Burma. Americans may be sleeping as our democracy is being eroded away and stolen in rigged elections, but the Burmese continue to fight for a fair chance at democracy- sometimes sacrificing their lives.

(photo of Buddhist monks protesting from Daily Mail)

(Spotted on the streets of Bangkok, posted by Wooster Collective)

This past September and October thousands of Burmese monks took to the streets to peacefully protest for their long over due democracy and were joined by the general public. The Burmese have suffered for decades under a brutal military regime which uses forced labor, child soldiers, rape, torture, murder, genocide, and 1984 secret police tactics to suppress calls for democracy. Noble peace prize winner and fairly elected leader, Aung San Sui Kyi continues to be committed to a non-violent civil rights campaign after years of imprisonment under house arrest. During the first democratic uprising in 1988 over 3,000 protesters were slaughtered by the military. Recently protesting monks were murdered and internet access cut off.

(photo of executed Buddhist monk from Daily Mail)


Read this article: “Hints of a Vast, Grim Toll in Myanmar” to learn more about the violence committed against the monks by the military regime.

Watch this video from Al Jazeera English to see for yourself what has been happening in the streets. Revolution is very real here.



Educate yourself on the situation by visiting these sites:

Free Burma Campaign

The Irrawaddy- newspaper focused on Burma issues


Express your solidarity. The streets are now silent, but the struggle continues:

Join over 820,000 others who have signed a petition to show their support for the people of Burma.


Check out this new video about Burmese Activists on the Run

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