Black Soil Intl Hip Hop Festival

Bomb It screens at the 2007 Black Soil International Hip Hop Festival in Amsterdam/RotterdamROTTERDAM 23-25 november 2007Zaterdag 24 November23.00 de Unie Bomb itAMSTERDAM 30 november – 2 December, 2007Zaterdag 1 DecemberAfrican HipHop Foundations present:22.00 pm bovenzaal Bomb it (director present)


at:Bitterzoet TheaterSpuistraat 21012 TS AmsterdamTel +31(0)20 521 3001

Bovenzaal / films: 5 euro

Benedenzaal / afterparties (vanaf 23.00 uur): 7,50 euro

For more info go to:

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