5 Pointz

On our first trip to New York City for Bomb It, one of the very first places we filmed was at the legendary 5 Pointz. An old factory that has become artists residence and workshops is now a permanent home to some of the best murals in the city. Meres One and Nic One act as guardians of this mecca. It blows you away to be in the middle of an urban oasis with trains rolling by overhead and the entire building covered top to bottom. Almost a flash back to the past, especially when they host their annual Old Timerz Day.

Check out this great page with pics and listen to the audio by Toofly describing this graffiti gathering place.


If you are visiting NYC on a graffiti pilgramage make sure you go down and check it out.

Jackson Avenue
(between Crane and Davis Streets)
Queens, NY, 11101
* Long Island City

E V to 23 St-Ely Ave
7 to 45th Rd-Court House Sq
G to Long Island City-Court Square

Check out a Map here

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