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While you may already know that Ket has managed avoid jail time by pleading guilty to some of the felony graffiti counts charged against him, he still needs your support.

The next “The Walls Belong to Us” fund-raising event and art auction will be held Nov. 8th at the 55DLS Store in SoHo NYC.

November 8th, 2007
Sound of Art and
The Walls Belong to Us 2
55DSL store
281 Lafayette St., Soho, NYC
music by DJ Soul
open bar

Suggested donation $20

Please rsvp at:

Ket has created a non-profit to raise money to help pay off his legal fees, as well as educate the public on the growing trend of cities to prosecute graffiti writers and artists as felons and sentencing them to jail time:

Below is a video Ket put together which explains how he felt during the legal battle and how he hopes his organization can make a change:

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