Child’s Chalk Drawings Seen as Graffiti threat

While this seems like a joke, it ain’t. I came across this on the good ole’ site and that it was originally published on MSNBC here

Parents of 6-year-old artist warned to clear away flower or face fine

NEW YORK – Chalk it up to New York City’s crackdown on graffiti.

A 6-year-old child’s chalk sketches on her family’s stoop brought her parents a graffiti-removal notice that threatened a $300 fine.

First-grader Natalie Shea said her mom got a ticket for graffiti and it wasn’t even graffiti. “It was art, very nice art,” Natalie said.

But a neighbor in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood saw it differently and dialed the complaint line.

The family was sent a form letter of complaint giving the family 45 days to clean up the graffiti.

Natalie’s mom said she’ll act more quickly to wash off the doodles in the future.

As for the offending blue flower, it was erased by a heavy rain.


Got to lock up the 6-year old fast before she gets outta hand, huh? I think this just puts in context how ridiculous it is to send someone to prison for drawing on public space and how out of control the anti-graffiti crackdown has become.

Plus who doesn’t love to doodle on things? As KRS One says in Bomb It- If you put a marker in a child hands the first thing they’ll do is go to a wall to write on it. It’s just instinct to create something.

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