Wheatpaste Recipe

So not to go all Betty Crocker on ya, but here’s a recipe we came across for wheatpaste glue. Wheat pasting is great cuz you can do it very cheap. All you need is some art which can be photocopied and some glue.

Political poster guerilla Robbie Conal suggests using public electrical boxes on most cities street corners as your platform. He’s also got a great “how to” video up called “Robbie Conal’s Guerrilla Postering and Etiquette Guide” at the link above. He’ll suggest how to communicate to the masses without getting arrested!

Wheat paste Glue ReceipeĀ  (from ento~crisis-310)

Prepare 1 cup (2.4 dl) of very hot water. Make a thin mixture of 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of white flour and cold water (just enough to wet all the flour and make it liquid enough to pour). Pour the cold mixture slowly into the hot water while stirring constantly. Bring to a boil. When it thickens, allow to cool. Smear on like any other glue. For slightly better strength, add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of sugar after the glue is thickened. After using a portion, reheat the remaining in a covered jar or container to sterilize it for storage or keep refrigerated. If wheat flour is not available, other flours will work.

Rice Paste

Mix one part rice flour and six parts water. Heat while mixing to a smooth consistency.


Acacia tree gum also works.


In 1990, the University of Washington measured the holding power of various adhesives:

Adhesive Peel Test
Rice Paste 7.9 lbs
Wheat Paste 8.1 lbs
White Glue (full strength) 7.5 lbs
White Glue (diluted 1:1 with water) 8.1


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