Interview in Art Bureau zine

The funky DIY style artzine Art Bureau latest issue (no 14) includes an interview with me about Bomb It. As an extra special treat Restitution Press did some incredible art for us to contribute to the story.

Here’s how Giant Robot reviewed Art Bureau :

“This well-organized, offset zine is a gallery in print. There isn’t a lot of words in this publication, which provides an unpretentious look at some artists who you may or may not know. Projects like these are a labor of love, for sure, and it’s great to see that knowledge and visuals aren’t always passed along via blogs and can still exist in black and white.”

And here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What is your opinion on the “broken window” theory in relation to graffiti?

While the “broken window” theory was not originally written with the intent to provide a framework for dealing with graffiti specifically, many politicians use it as evidence in support of their own policies. The “broken window” theory states that when a neighborhood begins to decline visually, with broken windows and graffiti, criminals feel that no one cares about the area and it is an easy target for them, more crime in the area occurs, and the neighborhood continues to decline in a downward spiral. I think that this is sort of a chicken and the egg problem. Poverty, racism, and the lack of education causes crime. But these are not easy issues for the law to tackle. It’s much easier to blame the graffiti writer in a hoodie.

During one of our interviews in response to the question, “Does graffiti cause crime?” a NYC writer name Dro responded, “Does graffiti cause white collar crime?” I think he made a very good point.

So check out Art Bureau and get yourself a copy of some affordable art that fits in your pocket.

Read the full Art Bureau Interview here

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