In Love with LA

So apparently the LA Weekly has fallen in love with graffiti… Since the RISE OF THE SEVENTH LETTER hit its cover on July 11th, the LA Weekly has begun it’s very own blog on graffiti and street art in the city called LURKER.

In addition to some maps of Seventh Letter pieces around LA, you’ll see some nice pics of art found in local hot spots and around town.

Enjoy it here:

Also get your hands on a copy of the new book, “GRAFFITI LA: Street Styles and Art” by Steve Grody. Already being called a bible of Los Angeles graffiti, its chalked full of oral histories and color photos, including Saber’s legendary LA River piece.

GRAFFITI L.A.: Street Styles and Art | By STEVE GRODY | Foreword by JAMES PRIGOFF | Abrams | 304 pages | $35 hardcover | More than 900 color photos, one full-color map.

Publisher’s website here

Read the Nylon review of it here.

Ofcourse you can snag a copy off too.

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