Graffiti in Tehran?

So I came across this blog and thought it deserved to get the word out. While the US government wants you to think that Iran is our sworn enemy and that its a repressed society without any individual freedom of expression, it looks like we have something else in common.

Take a peek at what the other side is hitting their streets with. And it ain’t weapons of mass destruction. It’s graffiti and street art in Iran. Power to the People!

Check out the general blog: Iran Graffiti and Urban Art Report

Wait Here by a1one

Art is Dead poster by a1one

Digging deeper I found a1one who has some really provocative stuff up in the streets of Tehran. I’ve posted a few pics of his work here I found interesting, but you can go straight to the source at his website Tehran Walls. He’s even got peace packs in .pdf for free download. So come on, show some solidarity to a1one! Reach a hand out in peace to your friend on the other side of our governments’ wall and check out some art that you wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. We are all ONE!

Shepard Fairey/ Obey Giant would be proud! Disobey by a1one

What more can I say? This image says it all.

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