Collabo at Ghetto Gloss in LA

PACIFIC ART COLLECTIVE’S COLLABO Tour, featuring THE EXCHANGE & THE SEVENTH LETTER graffiti projects, is having a live painting event with graffiti writers from all over the planet.

While we’ve already mentioned the mad skills of members of the Seventh Letter in our film and in our blog posts, here’s what the exchange is all about:

THE EXCHANGE was started in 2005, with six participants from different areas of the United States. The group is currently made up of 13 members from North America and Europe. The participants of The Exchange pair off into six groups of two, trading names and personal styles through sketches. This step is repeated until everyone in the group has traded outlines at least once.

The sketches are drawn, scanned, and traded via email. They are then printed out and executed by the receiving artist in their particular city.

The objective is to create an awareness of distinct lettering styles and trends. The goal is for all in the group to be able to become more versatile through attempts at graffiti styles out of their personal comfort zone. The artists in the group may learn new techniques and compositions from the exchange.

Sounds like the perfect global get down, with a bit of childhood nostalgia no? So don’t miss it, and if you’re not in LA they’re hitting some other cities so check their website!

Details below:

Tue 8.21 (7-11pm) Ghetto Gloss (2380 Glendale Blvd, Silverlake, 323.912.0008) 

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