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Kket_banner.gifKET, a talented artist and graffiti historian, is facing jail time for graffiti. While there is so much injustice happening all over the world, and at times it can make us feel hopeless- it is important that we stand up together and fight injustice when we see it happening in our own backyards.

America is filled with too many prisons and our society would rather lock people up than provide them with a descent education and affordable housing. Ket is an educated and accomplished individual who has contributed a lot to the graffiti movement over the years. It is ridiculous to think that he could be forced to spend years in jail for spraying paint in a public space.

If we continue to allow police to search and seize graffiti artists computers and photos, we all risk the same happening to us one day. Graffiti is not a violent crime and we must resist any attempts to make it a felony. Art is NOT a crime, and KET is not a criminal! Support your brother in arms now!

Come on out to the Art Benefit for KET’s legal defense on August 1, 2007 at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn! Bidding on artwork begins online on July 26th at:


For more info on KET and his legal battle please visit:

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