7th Letter Crew in LA Weekly

One of Los Angeles’ greatest crews- The Seventh Letter- was recently featured on the cover of our weekly newspaper- the LA Weekly.

If you live in Los Angeles or have seen BOMB IT then you’ll be familiar with the fresh work of masters Retna and Revok featured. The story “THE RISE OF THE SEVENTH LETTER” also includes more dope pictures of the crew’s work and interviews with Eklips, (founder of AWR, MSK, and Seventh Letter), Revok, Retna, Saber, Rime, Zes, and Push.

Discussing the state of graffiti in Los Angeles today and city officials and law enforcement’s efforts to combat it RETNA explains,

“There’s nowhere for kids coming up to get good. New ideas haven’t been allowed to flourish since the ’80s. We love our city, and it’s wrong to think that graffiti is out to destroy something. It’s just the opposite. Maybe it would result in better pieces if you don’t have to worry about getting shot at or sent to jail. But [in reality] a big part of the story is the ‘performance’ and the effort it takes to get your paint together and sneak out of the house, climbing stuff. The effort of what it took to get the art there, just for the recognition. It will happen with or without the city’s help. We’ve already been to jail and paid the fines.”

I want to do art that you can’t avoid — not that you have to seek out, …I’m about painting walls and being out in the city, interacting with people on a daily basis”- REVOK

Read the full story THE RISE OF THE SEVENTH LETTER in the LA Weekly here

Don’t forget to check out the slide show of the Seventh Letter’s July 6th- 10th Barcelona show “LETTERS FIRST” too. You won’t regret it!

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