Frank gives us the thumbs up

So that favorite super sweet visual treat & underground publication – Frank 151 gave Bomb It a review in the run up to our Tribeca Film Festival premiere in NYC.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

Crushing the competition this weekend in the Tribeca Film Festival’s documentary field is Bomb It!, a flick that follows countless artists all over the globe to tell the timeless tale of graffiti. Guerrilla filmmakers trail their subject from its birth in pre-historic cave paintings to its contemporary explosion on the walls of Barcelona.

Frank sez, what better way to launch this story than premiere it in the cradle of street art?

So if Frank digs its gotta be good, right?

Check the facts for yourselves here at Frank in thier piece “Burn One Down(town)

They also posted our Stay High 149 video clip.

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