Help Bring BOMB IT Back! (BOMB IT 2 Kickstarter)

We are excited to announce the official launch of the BOMB IT 2 Kickstarter campaign. Help us raise the money to release the film in August by contributing in any way that you can, or by spreading the word to your friends and networks on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

For your contributions, we have amazing perks, featuring the artwork of BOMB IT 2 artists Blek Le Rat, Stormie Mills, Xeme, and Shepard Fairey. Check us out! Become a part of the movement!

In Bomb It 2, the follow-up to the explosive 2007 global graffiti documentary Bomb It, Reiss takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the United States, and Australia on a hunt for innovative street art and artists. Using an ultra compact camera and sound package, Reiss traveled by himself to artists representing a wide range of cultures, styles, and beliefs, with Reiss functioning as producer, director, cameraman, and sound person all at once on the film. In the process of making the film, he climbed into sewers, visited red ant infested buildings, and fractured his ankle in an Estonian hall of fame.



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