Wall Writers

Wall Writers is a documentary that focuses on the early days of graffiti when art became a democracy and self-promotion became an art. Featured in the movie are graffiti pioneers like TAKI183 and CORNBREAD — both of whom also featured in Bomb It — as well as COCO144, SNAKE1, PHIL T GREEK, SJK 171, MIKE 171, WICKED GARY, ROCKY 184, HENRY 161, COWBOY, UNDERTAKER ASH, KOOL KLEPTO KID, JOE 182, THE JOKER, LAZAR, BAMA and more. The documentary is directed by Roger Gastman. FREEDOM aka Chris Pape helped produce and write the film; Ikey Owens from The Mars Volta did the score; and art icon and legendary filmmaker John Waters did the voice over. Wall Writers needs your help, however, to get completed. Please watch this trailer and contribute whatever you can to their Kickstarter campaign.

More about Roger Gastman, director of Wall Writers. Gastman founded and published two respected pop-culture magazines While You Were Sleeping and Swindle (co-publisher)—as well as more than 30 highly sought-after art books. Roger was the supervising producer and creative consultant for the feature-length graffiti documentary Infamy, and served as consulting producer for BANKSY’s Exit Through the Gift Shop, which earned an Academy Award nomination for best documentary. HarperCollins recently released Gastman’s The History of American Graffiti: the definitive story behind the most influential art form in the last 100 years and Jeffrey Deitch asked him to co-curate Art in the Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which is the first comprehensive U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art.

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