Da Bomb: South African artist, Freddy Sam generating news and change with street murals

[via CNN] Cape Town, South Africa (CNN) — One South African artist is using the street as his canvas and changing lives in the process.

Ricky-Lee Gordon, who goes by his artist name Freddy Sam, describes himself as a creative activist who hopes to bring about social change through his projects.

His latest ambition is to transform the Cape Town suburb, Woodstock, with murals full of color and positive messages.

He says that business owners are happy for murals to be painted on their buildings because the color is rejuvenating the area.

[…] Gordon explains that the cheap rent in Woodstock is now attracting artists and galleries to re-locate to the area but it’s not the only draw.

“Artists like to be surrounded by real culture, and there’s a real culture here. There’s a mix of people and it makes for an interesting life on the street,” he added.

‘Traffic light’ artists paint a brighter future

Gordon is also getting the community involved. One of the organizations he works with is the Percy Bartley orphanage, a home to boys aged eight to 18 years.

[…] “It’s about using art for upliftment and inspiration, to really remind these boys that they are special,” he said.Click Here to read more at CNN
Click Here to read more on Freddy Sam


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