Da Bomb Summer 2011 in Russia: T-Radya

Timofey “T” Radyra

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Street Artist, Photographer, Web-Designer

Bomb It: Your strong emphasis on country’s history, promoting its successes, ensuring that its hero’s are not forgotten. What is your stand on Russia’s more controvertible history?
Radya: i think street art is ephemeral, temporary by nature, its one of the most honest way to tell about global/important things, like history or politics do. those thigs suppose to be permanent, even eternal. people pretend like they know what happens tomorrow. but that’s not so. we usually cant say for sure what happened yesterday.

Radya [contd]: Russia has painful history and [it’s] surprising that people found strength inside to invent not to distruct, to protect not to attack [and] each success [contains] its own traged: war heroes along with millions of lost, first space flight along with nuclear weapon. This was similar development – the same rockets for different [purposes]. I try to show this duality, ambiguity, to put them together. Victory in the war – thats great event for sure but what was the price? The government is trying to create a discourse they wish to declare something more important than a human`s life.

Radya [cntd]: Im always surprised with the people who doing such an outstanding things no matter in what country they live. i think people are alike everywhere. Personally i live in russia  in this particular city close to russian people. There are wonderful people around, kind, talented, but I cant say that I like the political situation here.

Bomb It: What is your creative process? How did your you and your team come to be?
Radya: i met people, whom was interested in street art and we just tryed to do something. i think  streets are exactly those places which dont have enough attention. we spent a lot of time in the streets we watch streets everyday but we have no action in it for no reason. as for me streets and home are the same places, there no difference between walls inside the building, which we usually decorate and  external walls which are empty. there is the only one type of walls with the same surface. in the big cities there is a lot of emptyness a lot of dirtiness all this stuff one time or other go into the man i suppose. street art is one the most effective way to change this situation

Bomb It: What is the process that you go through before you decide on what pieces to create
Radya: I dont have any algorithm, its not like i directly sit and invent a project on a particular theme or for particular place. its more like i collect feelings, ideas, words, spots in the city and so on and in one moment something appears. next step, i talk to my friends and we start working. it’s always like assemblage point


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