Bomb It Artists in the News: Beejoir and Souled Out Studios

From The Independent:
Soho’s Pertwee, Anderson & Gold is the latest celebrity gallery on the block, launched with a lavish party last month and run by the actor Sean Pertwee and entrepreneurs Simon Anderson and James Golding.

Mr Golding has been hit with accusations that east London’s Leonard Street¬†Gallery, of which he is a former director, delayed payment to a suite of its artists. The gallery ceased trading in 2008. A Thailand-based painter, Chris Beejoir, 31, claims to still be owed in excess of ¬£20,000 from an exhibition held there in March 2008, in which hundreds of copies of a special edition work were sold.

“We’d done a show for them when they were going bankrupt and got the rough end of the stick,” said Mr Beejoir. “We did an edition for charity and nothing ever came of it in the end. I had agreed to do it but was reluctant because the image had been used a lot but decided it wouldn’t hurt. We didn’t get our cut.

Mr Beejoir, who specialises in street art, claims to have sold hundreds of editions of work at the 2008 exhibition, Souled Out. Leonard Street also exhibited the work of world-famous graffiti artists including Blek Le Rat, Eine and D*Face.

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