Da Bomb: Pahnl – The Lastest Innovation of Street Art


‘Nowhere Near Here’ by the UK based street artist Pahnl is revolutionary stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and  long exposure photography. Pahnl’s ingenious story tells of a dog and his night-time adventures around the city streets. Pahnl spent 300 hours making the short film, with more than 200 stencils and as he put its, “too many cold nghts spent outside on my knees getting the shots … through the course of shooting ”Nowhere Near Here”,[Pahnl] dealt with curious drunks, a dog almost peeing on the camera, endlessly suspicious police, and even someone running off with a tripod.” This is ingenuity at its finest. Now a round of applause and enjoy!

Filmed Location: Oxford, England
Song: ‘What Else Is There’ Royksopp
Pre-Production Sketches by Pahnl: click here


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