GAZA: Book explores vibrant, diverse graffiti-art scene in war-torn strip

DSC02782The graffiti- book, titledĀ “Gaza Graffiti: Messages of Love and Politics,” is written by Swedish photojournalist Mia Grondahl and explores the strip’s vibrant and diverse graffiti art scene and how it has evolved over the years. Some of Grondahl’s pictures are currently on display in a gallery at the American University of Cairo.

Taken from Los Angeles Times Article: “New political messages and slogans appear on the walls almost on a daily basis, replacing old ones and also serving as a tool for measuring political influence between Hamas and Fatah.

“There is constant competition between the two organizations to reach the Palestinian people,” artist Fayez Sersawi said in the book. “Hamas has the most skilled calligraphy artists,” she said. “Fatah thinks the content is most important.”

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