Da Bomb: Ran out of paint? Use Adobe Photoshop to Bomb It!

Photoshop is a treasure chest which, if you can get past the initial pain of learning the software, can provide you a wealth of creative opportunities. Including, as I just discovered this morning, a platform to create graffiti!

Graffiti style text has a variety of applications in modern art, advertising and other forms of design.  While it can be created with 3D programs, similar effects can also be achieved using pure Photoshop.[1]

In a tutorial posted by the blog, Creative Fan, you’ll learn how to take a line art sketch of text and turn it into a 3D graffiti style text effect using some simple techniques and stock images. You’ll learn how to take a concept, add the initial coloring, then use some well placed images to achieve a 3D effect, then finally use some brushes to add awesome extra effects.[2]

[1][2] https://design.creativefan.com/create-a-cool-3d-graffiti-text-effect-using-line-art-in-photoshop/

Click here to learn about how Photoshop Bomb

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