Classical music used to turn away graffiti artists?

Classical music is being used to stop graffiti artists and youths from gathering in subways and outside shops in a Kent town.

The scheme is being spread to all of the pedestrian tunnels in Dartford, after a successful piloting of it in one subway under a park.
Most of the sounds have been provided by Austrian composer Gustav Mahler but the intention is to use tracks from other artists including Mozart and Handel.

Since it started in March there has been a significant drop in the number of graffiti cases in the Princes Tunnel in Central Park, Dartford.
Jeremy Kite, Dartford Council leader, said: “People have also told us they feel safer and are enjoying the music.

“It’s worked really well so far. Young people creating graffiti don’t find it cool to be surrounded by classical music.
“They can’t show off and invite their friends to see it. They don’t want to stay there.

“We don’t want to give the impression this is a negative thing, as most people enjoy having music around. It makes people feel happy.”

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