Graffiti artists, building owners work together in Toronto


This piece was in part of an alley in Toronto where there is an annual event called “Style in Progress.” Building owners and graffiti writers work together and there is a day of incredible artwork. It’s an amazing celebration of graffiti as art, with a ton of fantastic talent, and the people we met were totally excited about it.

This piece really jumped out at me because of the coloring. It takes a minute to absorb everything that’s happening in this piece, but if you spend a couple of good solid minutes looking at it, you’ll see small nuances of the colors.

One of the reasons I liked this piece so much was because of the unspecific light and dark patches of the fill. The lights and darks aren’t tethered to a specific pattern. Look at how the beige, pinks and white transition and interact.

If you take a close look, the depth of this piece is defined by the gradient 3-D blues and browns.

CapJack is a Denver Public Schools student and art critic.

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