Future acceptance seen for graffiti

Part 5 of the Miami Herald’s Graffiti feature:

Some parents believe graffiti is only years away from getting a legitimate place in Miami’s art world, so they are encouraging their children to learn the craft.

At 7 years old, Roman Alvarez already has big dreams of becoming a graffiti artist. Neither of his parents has ever done graffiti, but they are proudly sponsoring his dream.

”My son is already learning some techniques from graffiti artists,” said Roman’s father, Angel Alvarez. Roman’s mother, Heycha Rodriguez, was a little apprehensive at first, but has given in to the idea.

Roman struggles to stay focused in school, but nothing distracts him when it comes to painting. Dozens of colors of spray paint, a piece of plywood, a plastic bag to cover his clothes and a small respirator and he is ready.

”I am ROM,” said Roman, a student at Coconut Grove Elementary. “I like to paint on walls and not on paper because it’s more fun and more people get to see my work. That’s how you get famous.”

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