Doctor grudge sparked 15-year graffiti spree?

It was 15 or so years ago that the phrase “rowlow” began appearing on bathroom walls at Glens Falls Hospital.

A number of people remarked to Dr. Frank Rollo, then the head of the hospital’s anesthesiology department, that the phrase was pronounced the same way as his name.

A few years later, Rollo saw the word written in spray paint on the side of a medical building near Glens Falls Hospital.

A while after that, it was painted on a fence on Bay Street, on a Northway road sign and at one point on the hood of a car owned by another doctor at Glens Falls Hospital, Rollo said. He also received reports of the phrase on a wall at the Sagamore Resort’s Trillium restaurant years ago.

“People would come to me all the time and say, ‘Guess where I saw it?'” Rollo recalled.

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