Is Erasing Graffiti Really so Important?


Take the 2003 city ordinance requiring all Tallahassee house numbers be at least 3 inches high and placed against a contrasting background. Heard of anybody getting a ticket on that one? And half the houses in town still have tiny numbers, noncontrasting or even missing numbers? Hope they don’t need the fire truck anytime soon.

So comes now the city crackdown on graffiti. Ho hum.

Two weeks ago, city officials held a news conference at the Blair Stone Road overpass to Governor’s Park to announce a Graffiti Abatement Program. Mayor John Marks and other officials decried graffiti, asked citizens to notify them when they saw it, promised complaints would be addressed in 72 hours and then proceeded to paint out several examples of graffiti on the overpass.

It was inspiring in that way that strong words in the name of civic improvement always are. And everything looks better with a new coat of paint.

But I confess to being unmoved by the anti-graffiti campaign.

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