London heads, here’s a good site to keep up-to-date with everything that’s going in with street art around you —

About Vandalog (from the site):

Vandalog is a pretty good website about street art. It’s run by RJ (me). This is the blog, but there’s a wiki too and I post a lot on flickr and the map on On this blog, I have photos, walking tours, gallery reviews, interviews with artists, gallery directors and other important people in the street art world, and other features.

Basically, Vandalog is a place for street art fans to keep up to date on what’s going on with street art (London street art in particular).

About RJ:

I’m an expatriate (originally from Chicago) living in London. In 2009, I’ll graduate from high school and (hopefully) head to university. I haven’t been involved with street art very long, only since early 2008, but it’s quickly become how I spend much of my time. I’ve interned at a couple galleries in London, and my dad and I both collect street art. Some of my favorite street artists are Adam Neate, Banksy, Swoon, and Faile.

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